Over the counter antibiotics

Where to purchase over the counter antibiotics in the US.

The most reputable seller is kraftdrug.com

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Can antibiotics be sold legally over the counter in the US ?                                                                         The simple answer is yes, as long as there not for humans or pets.

So how are they sold and labeled…Fish Antibiotics.

Turns out, fish suffer from various bacterial infections, same as humans and can be treated with the same antibiotics. so the FDA made a provision for this; The Minor Species Act of 2004.

Reputable sellers of fish antibiotics purchase antibiotics from the same pharmaceutical wholesalers as every pharmacy in the US does.                                                                                                                     The difference is how there labeled…[ Not for human consumption ] [ For ornamental fish use only ]     [Not for fish meant for food ] along with other guidelines.

Are all fish antibiotics the same, NO.

Legitimate sellers have a pharmacy license or buy from a wholesaler that does and only sell FDA approved drugs USP [ United States Pharmacopeia ]   and do not import foreign drugs.  [ US drugs can be checked on line, just Google the marking on them ]                                                                                There are hundreds of online sellers, along with almost ever pet store, including Walmart.

Where do I buy these fish antibiotics…

From my experience, because of there reputation, when they sold on eBay, there score was 100%       with over 24,500 positive feedback’s and o negatives.                                                                                     They must be doing something right.                                                                                                             All there products are USP and AB rated [ AB rated means, drug in generic form is exactly the same as name brand drug ]


Please note…                                                                                                                                                     My intention in this post is not meant for ways to buy antibiotics for humans without a doctors prescription, it’s meant to explain how antibiotics can be purchased over the counter for fish only.